Top Countries for an Expat to Settle In


When I started considering living this “expat” life, there were a lot of factors to consider. They were so critical that I needed the proper information in order for me to get the right decisions, or at least 90% of them. Being an expat, you can always be open to risks, and as much as possible, I try to minimize them whenever I make a decision.

The first thing that got me excited about doing this lifestyle was being able to experience a different culture, visit places and enjoy the heck out of life.

One of the biggest thing to think about is where to settle and there are a lot of options out there!

Here’s the shortlist I came up and the reason why I put them in there.

Singapore City

  1. Singapore

    Well it’s obvious that this is my top choice as I’ve been living here for quite sometime now. Singapore is a very nice city, both in terms of personal and professional life. I’ve opened up my business here a few months after I settled in. The government gives the people a very nice environment to work on to.

    Bangkok Thailand

  2. Thailand

    Thailand is fun, especially Bangkok! I’ve met a lot of expats in there and I was about to settle in there. Well, almost. Oh remember, when visiting, bring a lot of cash. With so much interesting things to do and beautiful places to visit you’ll run dry if you’re not being mindful of your cash spending.

    Dubai Marina

  3. UAE

    I initially had United Arab Emirates as my top choice, but after taking in all the difficulties I might face, I started considering other options. I did visit it though and there are plenty of reasons why you would want to live in here, especially Dubai. The place is really beautiful and there are many opportunities for anyone qualified.

    Berlin, Germany - Brandenburg Gate

  4. Germany

    Many expats recommended me Germany. Good economy, strong political system and low crime rate. What more could you want? But when I was starting out, cash was one of the top factors I take into consideration first, before anything else. Living can be expensive in Germany. Same as Dubai and any other countries in my list, I did visit it and liked it too.

    Swiss Alps

  5. Switzerland

    Switzerland is beautiful and very interesting. Good life, all in all. But again, cash was the main reason that it became another country to visit on my list. I love skiing and I had my fill in Switzerland and more. Oh, chocolates too! Highly recommended by expats communities as well, if you can afford.

My list may be a lot different than yours, but after conversing and engaging with a lot of experienced expats, these were the countries that stood out for me. We may have different reasons why we embark in this journey but the thing to do is consider your best reason why you are doing this and match it with your top countries to settle in and you have your answer.

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  1. Found your Blog! Nice One Morris! Always knew you had a knock for writing. Great guide for beginners out there. Keep ’em coming buddy!

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